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Clarence the Camel


My book of vintage circus toys depicts a marvellous cavalcade of exotic beasts and this pullalong toy reflects the splendour of those animals.....

Clarence the Camel has that rather supercilious expression favoured by camels the world over.

He stands on a wheeled platform, decorated with a colourful kaleidoscopic pattern. 

He has a purple leather saddle similarly decorated and edged with lavender and gold braid.

Around his neck he wears a pleated silk collar, finished with fancy braids and frivolous pom poms

As a finishing touch, on his head he has a patterned conical hat, decorated with tiny crystals, fur trim and a tiny pom pom.

He can be pulled along by a wooden handle, attached to the platform with a silken cord.

Height 3  1/4" up to his pom pom

Platform length  2"

Width  1 "

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