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Holly Toy Doll


Holly is a jointed porcelain doll measuring just 1  3/4" tall, dressed in shades of holly red.

She has silk underwear, a lacy petticoat, vintage lace socks and holly red silk shoes with leather soles.

She wears a drop-waisted pleated silk dress with full-length sleeves and a wide silk ribbon sash.  The bodice is decorated with fine lace and 'fur' trim and finished with 'fur' cuffs.

She has an upswept blonde wig with ringlet curls and wears a pleated silk and lace bonnet, decorated with tiny sprigs of holly.

Although intended as a toy for a 1/12th scale child, this doll could also be used as a 1/24th scale child.

A charming addition to any Christmas-themed setting and a delightful present for your favourite doll's house child.

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