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Toy Theatre Cart Kit


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This new kit contains everything you need to create a wonderful travelling toy theatre kit featuring Little Red Riding Hood.

The wheeled cart is made from wood and lavishly decorated with colourful vintage illustrations.

Two doors open to reveal the interior in which scenes from the favourite fairy tale can be enacted.

A full cast of precision cut characters is included, as well as backdrops and movable scenery.

Characters are double sided and mounted on tiny magnets so that they can easily be moved around the theatre to create a range of different scenes.

The cart is pulled by a good-natured wolf who wears an elaborately decorated leather saddle, harness and reins, as well as a little golden bell on a silk ribbon.

He can be detached from the cart.

Cart measures 4" high, 2  1/4" wide, 1  1/2" deep.

The kit is accompanied by a comprehensively illustrated step by step instruction booklet.

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