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My ENTIRE Doll's House Magazine Collection!


My magazine collection dates back to the mid 1970s up to the mid 2000s and contains many rare gems and now defunct publications.

In the past I have toyed with the notion of listing them individually, perhaps on Ebay, or on our website, but having just counted them today, and discovering that I have over 500 (YES FIVE HUNDRED!) I rather lost my enthusiasm for that idea.

For example, I have every issue of the Home Miniaturist magazine. There is also a large quantity of the highly respected, excellent and now also defunct International Doll's House News magazine.

I have first and subsequent issues of Doll's House World, Doll's House & Miniature Scene and The Doll's House Magazine.

My specialist miniature doll magazines include issues of Dolls in Miniature and Dainty Doll's Newsletter, both of which are replete with patterns and ideas for mini doll dressing.

Most are in mint condition, having been read once, then filed away in magazine storage boxes.

I want to sell them all as one lot. Please don't email me asking for a specific copy of Doll's House World from 1993, or issues 23, 47 and 86 of DHMS. I will have to get Small Dog to bite you.

The entire collection is for sale for 100. No offers. No cherry picking. At less than 20p per copy that's an absolute bargain. You can fill the gaps in your own collections or sell them on, or even, if you have oceans of time, energy and enthusiasm, list them one by one on Ebay and make a small fortune.

There is just one proviso..... they are for collection only from St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex. On collection the lucky buyer can expect a cup of tea and a cake, not to mention the pleasure of having Small Dog sit on their lap.

Bargain or what........?!

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