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Fox Terrier Pullalong Toy


This gorgeous fox terrier pull along toy is new to our range. Upright and alert, with his tail held high, he is ready to play.

He has a soft blue leather saddle which has a detailed kaleidoscopic pattern printed onto the leather. The saddle is then trimmed with matching braid, leather strap/stirrups, and leather head harness and reins. As a whimsical touch he wears a conical blue hat, decorated with blue crystals and trimmed with fur and a pom-pom!

The dog is made from poly-resin and hand-painted. He is mounted on a wooden platform, which is decorated with a colourful kaleidoscopic pattern. The platform sits on two metal axles, which allow the painted wheels to turn freely.

Finally the whole toy can be pulled along on its silken cord by a carved wooden pull.

An unusual and eye-catching miniature toy for the nursery, playroom or toy shop.

Overall length (not including pull) 1 3/4"

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