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Little Red Riding Hood Toy Theatre


Little Red Riding Hood Illuminated Miniature Toy Theatre

An authentic reproduction of an antique children's toy theatre. 

This miniature toy theatre is made from wood and measures:
2" wide
1  1/4" deep
2  1/4" high

In addition to the colourful proscenium arch there are 4 layers of scenery inside showing a scene from this favourite fairy tale.
The backdrop shows grandmother's cottage, nestling in the woods, surrounded by trees. Further forward is Little Red Riding Hood, crrying a basket of food for her granny, and in the foreground stands a menacing wolf!

The scene is illuminated by a tiny grain of rice bulb.  
A 12" length of very fine wire, with a small plug, enables you to easily connect directly into your 12V doll's house wiring circuit.

Perfect in any 1/12th scale nursery or toy shop setting.

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